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Cuckoo for coconuts pt. 2

Part 2

In the last post I explained about the many benefits of coconut oil for external use. This time I would like to give you an article in reference to the extensive, internal benefits. Consuming 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil is definitely a great thing. I'll even tell you ways to eat it since it doesn't exactly taste like ice cream.

Internal Health

The relationship between the internal and external body is a symbiotic one. Not only do we need to watch what we put on our skin but we also need to watch what we eat. There are things that can do good and there are things that will do harm. I'll write a separate post on help with diet and exercise in the future but as for this post it is strictly about why you should eat organic extra virgin coconut oil!

Why? Because Research Shows

Click here to check out this great article explaining 20 different benefits of coconut oil written by the reliable @Eatthisnotthat on Twitter.


Purchase a small jar of 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil.

1. Eat a table spoon of it

2. Cook it in your eggs

3. Add it to a protein shake

4. Wherever calls for oil use coconut oil instead.


In my opinion coconut oil is an acquired taste but I'll trade the short term struggle for long term good health any day. Plus, when you mix it in with the right ingredients you can make some really good, healthy stuff!

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